Parallax BOE Shield for Arduino: First Look

I'm a big fan of Parallax and adafruit industries, so was glad to learn that they are now stocking the Parallax BOE Shield for Arduino. I already owned this kit but have yet to have time to play with it. The video above is an unboxing of the BOE Shield, PING))) sensor mounting bracket, and crawler kit. 
The original Parallax BOE-Bot uses Propeller controller and is very good for learning robotics in that environment. The lessons, documentation, and examples are quite detailed. With a focus on education, Parallax wisely decided to expand this platform into Arduino territory. The only "required" pins for the shield are two of 10, 11, 12, and 13. You can choose which two in your Arduino code. The rest can be used with your normal stackable Arduino shields.
To get a general idea of the BOE Shield and completed robot in action, take a look at adafruit's new product announcement.
Here's a photo of the crawler kit sitting on an original BOE bot (borrowed from Parallax's site) that I intend to use with the BOE Shield.
I'll be posting all my source code and a bunch of pictures or videos, but it will all pale in comparison to the online book from Parallax.
Stay tuned for more!