Long overdue update

I have not been managing this nearly as much as I should, so here' a quick bullet-point update on my projects at the conclusion of Maker Faire 2014:


  • New job, new home! I moved to downtown San Francisco to accept a job there. My apartment is much smaller (naturally - it's SF) so I don't have as much space for both robotics and 3D printing. I do have enough space to switch between the two.
  • The Printrbot Plus v2 is fun, but it's getting an overhaul in parts - more metal for structural stability and more rigidity for speed, plus a transition from 3mm to 1.75mm filament and an aluminum extruder.
  • Someone left behind a Botiful robot when changing offices. I contacted Claire, the designer, to see if anyone lost their Kickstarter rewards but she had no way of knowing. With her help, I got it working again and it's a lot of fun.
  • I am giving up on drones as a hobby as long as I live in SF. It's too windy and crowded and I don't want to hurt the drone or a person.
  • My favorite update: I backed and received Super Awesome Sylvia and EMSL's WaterColorBot and have truly wicked plans for expanding on the hardware. I have to thank Lenore and Windell from Evil Mad Scientist Labs for the inspiration and support.

That's all for now.