Minor Update: Site Overhaul

With the help of Monroe, thoughtfix.com has been entirely redesigned. With the help of Squarespace, all previous content has been ported over to this new design. I love it. Thank you! 

I have been spending time working on an Openbeam Kossel Pro 3D printer and, thanks to the forums, we got it working happily. I also have been immersing myself in more PC gaming (you can guess my Steam ID) and building machines capable of that. I look forward to hacking SteamOS when it is ready. Get to it, Valve!

I uploaded the Kossel Pro build log to my Galleries up there. Finally: I left San Francisco and moved about 20 miles down the Bay. It was cost prohibitive to live in the city for even one more year. Tech companies need to stop opening offices downtown (Uber, Twitter, Reddit) unless they pay people a proportionally higher salary to afford living there.