I'm easy to find everywhere: just look for ThoughtFix. If you want to reach me directly, fill out the form below. Actually you don't HAVE to use the form. I use Gmail. If you can guess my name on Gmail, contact me there. Thanks!

p.s. SPECIAL NOTICE FOR RECRUITERS: I get a lot of messages from technical recruiters because I am listed as Cloud Dev/Ops on LinkedIn. While I am flattered by the attention, I am not actively seeking employment at this time. If something jaw-dropping-amazing DOES come up, you may still contact me but not for contract, contract-to-hire, or third-party recruiting companies. I want my future to be in long-term, permanent, first-party employment for understandable reasons. Finally: the cost of living in San Francisco at my preferred comfort level prohibitively expensive, so I will avoid any future jobs downtown unless they come with a salary that will allow me to live at the comfort level I have here in San Mateo. Thanks!

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